Flexibility of Ecolutia’s water treatment service is as important as meeting the demands of water quality and flow rates. Our mobile water treatment technologies provide industry leading higher capacities and higher flow rates. To achieve this, Ecolutia employs Dissolved Air Flotation, Media-Filtration, Ion-Exchange Polishing and Membrane treatment technologies across its service solutions.

Ecolutia Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

Ecolutia’s portfolio of outsourced mobile water treatment systems are perfect for temporary and long-term water treatments projects.

  • HydroPURE Series

    This range of Rapid Response systems includes the largest mobile demineraliser capacity system in Europe. Providing 150 m3/h of high quality demineralised water, the HydroPURE Series is the answer for emergency water treatment situations and can be ready for operation within an hour of arrival on site.
  • AtlasDAF Series

    Our mobile Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system enhances the range of our filtration service and produces up to 150 m3/h of filtered water. The AtlasDAF Series is used as a primary filter to downstream reverse osmosis systems or is available for temporary replacement of your onsite filtration system, as cover during a maintenance outage.
  • Proteus Series

    A mobile water treatment containerised solution, achieving industry leading flow rates of up to 300 m3/h, available in many different modular combinations to provide: Softening, Condensate Polishing, Filtration, Deoxygenation, Carbon Absorption, Demineralisation, Ion Exchange, and Membrane Pre-treatment
  • Triton Series

    Mobile reverse osmosis water treatment for both brackish water and seawater, run in series with other systems or as a stand alone, producing exceptional flow rates of up to 160 m3/h

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