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Mobile Water Treatment OfficesEcolutia Services has developed the world’s newest and most efficient fleet of mobile water treatment equipment. Designed by a team with years of experience and knowledge gained from within the industry, Ecolutia offers greater capacities and higher flow rates never seen before in the mobile water treatment market. Put those two components together with a business that is run to service the customer, and to provide flexible solutions whatever the application, and you have a complete mobile water treatment solution.

Benefitting the Environment and You

In addition to the benefits of high capacities and high flow rates, Ecolutia’s equipment also offers energy efficiency; less power to provide greater output. Also consider that the less equipment needed to complete the job, the less shipping and transport required and you are making a significant impact on your project’s carbon footprint. Ecolutia is committed to the environment and to ensuring that its clients can also benefit from this commitment.

Energy is an important environmental factor, but water is another natural resource to which we should all be held accountable. Our mobile water treatment equipment efficiencies offer the ability to reduce fresh water requirements and recover discharge water which in turn, reduces the water footprint for each project.

Water and Energy, both causes close to our hearts, and both will remain at the forefront of our commitment to you and the environment.

Ecolutia FSE Philosophy & Education Programme

With a strong team leading Ecolutia, who together have years of experience working directly in the mobile water treatment industry, it offers the perfect platform for training and education. Service is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at Ecolutia and achieving that not only requires the industry leading technology that they have to offer but also the training and education of all of their staff in everything service and everything water! All members of staff, whether directly involved in the operation of equipment or not, go through a programme of education that covers the mobile water treatment industry, the customers needs, the companies expectations and of course all of the technical knowledge required to provide the best mobile water treatment solution. Whether an engineer or a plant operator, at Ecolutia finding solutions is at the heart of everything we do. Having the right people is also a key part of our philosophy which is why in addition to our own training programmes all of our Field Service Engineers are university graduates equipping them with solid backgrounds in the basic chemical and engineering elements ahead of adapting that knowledge to the mobile water treatment industry.

Support for staff, just like customers, is available around the globe, and around the clock. Whether you are in the outback or the city, help is always at hand from the most skilled and experienced employees. A culture of team work that overcomes any traditional hierarchical boundaries means that access to the right person at the right time is always possible. We don’t believe in waiting!

These beliefs are a big part of what sets us apart, we want satisfied customers and staff and after many years, know how to achieve that!

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