Environmental Policy

At Ecolutia Services we recognise our outsourced mobile water treatment solutions have potential to impact the environment. As a water services company we are active in minimising the impact of our business and operations on the environment.

We recognise our responsibility to protect the environment from potentially harmful activities that may arise. We conduct our water treatment activities and business with due consideration of sustainability. Managing waste and usage of materials during our activities will be based on the principles of: Avoid – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

We will manage our business operations to prevent pollution. We will implement emergency response measures for major incidents to reduce their impact upon the environment.

Environmental protection is the responsibility of all employees and ranks equally with all other indicators of success. Training will be provided as required to maintain the requisite levels of competency. When required, expert advice is be sought from competent person(s).

We continuously look at improving our environmental performance by setting objectives and reviewing this policy annually.

All employees receive communication about this policy and are encouraged to be mindful of environmental protection as part of their duties and responsibilities. All employees are to participate in the making of policy as well as the implementation of procedures. Outsourced mobile water treatment services from Ecolutia are to remain compliant with all local laws and regulations.

Ecolutia reverse osmosis mobile water treatment system