Numerous technologies, a range of systems and multiple service options enable Ecolutia to provide complete mobile water treatment solutions across a huge variety of applications. More general and standardised applications benefit from the efficiencies, capacities and higher flow rates never seen before in the mobile water treatment market. This leading edge technology, delivered in the worlds newest and most efficient fleet of mobile water treatment equipment, is designed in modular form, thus enabling the combination of different technologies to serve more complex projects.

Examples detailing how mobile water treatment systems can be positioned in parallel, or in series, to increase water quality and/or quantity, can be found in Ecolutia’s Application Fact Sheets. Login here to study these via the user section of this site. You will be asked to register, should you not have done so already, but in line with Ecolutia’s service philosophy this can be done instantly for prompt access!

See the table below for examples of other applications for an idea of the wide scale of projects that can be supported with Ecolutias complete mobile water treatment systems. Remember however, this list is by no means exhaustive, contact us to discuss your project requirements and allow our team to engage their creative talents to come up with a solution that works for you! We only believe in ‘can do’ and our aim is to find a way to support your application in the most efficient and cost effective manner, producing results that are way beyond your expectations.

Multiple technologies and mobile water treatment systems are used in the examples below, examine them further in the technologies section.

Application Examples

  • Process water production; possibly as a result of increased demand due to losses or a requirement for a secondary source of water
  • Potable water production
  • Hydro Testing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Pipe flushing & flushing
  • Cooling water make up
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Suspended solid and particulate removal from process water
  • Pre-treatment to existing water treatment plant
  • Desalination or reclamation to solve water scarcity issues
  • Polishing to improve demin or condensate quality
  • Decrease TOC or TDS levels within feed water, be it sea water, ground water or surface water
  • Air Cooled Condensor Commissioning
  • Commissioning applications and steam blows
  • Cooling water make up
  • Increased demand for demineralised water as a result of expansion or condenser leaks
  • Injection water to reduce NOx emissions
  • Supplement supply during dual fuel firing
  • Oxygen renewal for de-aerator bypass
  • Mine dewatering
  • Waste water reclamation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Dust suppression
  • Construction water
  • Man camps
  • Treatment of existing lagoons, evaporation ponds and holding tanks
  • Increase demands for potable or process water from mine expansions
  • Dewatering and effluent treatment from disused mines preventing environmental impact
  • Water re-use for irrigation and livestock in remote locations
  • Mine to Mine; a mobile solution providing batch treatments at multiple locations
  • Remote applications; mobility and remote operations